About Finca Las Nubes

Finca Las Nubes is a private nature reserve and organic farm with family villas for rent in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, owned and operated by the Robertson Family.

The property is 240 acres of forest and farm producing several certified organic products with a sustainable hardwood furniture business as well as store and restaurant / bar.

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Authentic Nicaraguan hospitality and farm fresh meals are served three times a day in private villas with infinity pools, WiFi and maid service. Experience a secluded natural environment just five minutes from San Juan Del Sur that comes all-inclusive with transportation and the tours and activities you choose.

The Robertson Family

Natalie Robertson is the owner and administrator of Finca Las Nubes. She has been managing the farm her whole life and is raising her kids in this unique place. Mia and Angelo’s after school farming sometimes includes taking kids to the chicken coup and running a family golf competition at Casa Buena Onda.

Children play under a tree canopy with monkeys and sloths in it and can see horses in the pasture from their classrooms. “I know what went into making it how special it is. We’re in our own little place, it’s our own little slice of heaven.” – says Natalie who is now taking on responsibility of the family business. “When guests visit here, I hope they reconnect with their families and nature. I want our guests to see this as their wonderland too,” Natalie added “I want families to relax, enjoy their time, have an authentic experience and I hope they are as charmed by the culture as I am.”

Natalie’s vision of the farm’s future is through family travel, “It’s always been a family thing, and we’d like that to continue.”

Chris Robertson, visionary and developer of Finca Las Nubes, is a builder that developed the land for families to live a sustainable lifestyle with modern luxuries, security, clean water and healthy food. It was his dream as a father, and grandfather, that created Finca Las Nubes.

Chris developed the infrastructure over years and grew his crew of people one house and one project at a time. Each villa is taken care of by resident caretakers who have been here from the beginning, and whose children are now growing up on the farm.

Our local staff that works in each house and every aspect of the farm are vetted, have been with us for over years and we are proud that we’ve hosted families on the farm for over a decade and have not lost anything – these people are family to us.

Giving Back

We are most proud of our socially responsible model, organic methods, sustainable vision and our farm crew.

Each house was built by our construction team that we trained on the farm. All of the roofs, doors, windows and wood furniture are made on the farm at our wood shop by our carpenter team who learned the trade here. The grounds, animals and infrastructure are maintained by resident farm hands. Houses are maintained by caretakers who also provide hospitality services to our guests with integrity and love.

Real Working Farm

Organic coffee, honey and Moringa powder are produced, served and available at the Nica Organica store.

Our farm features hundreds of acres of indigenous trees replanted to make a lush and functioning forest – the native animals are healthy, abundant and protected here.

This unique property serves up family vacations that include all the best sites in the San Juan Del Sur and Granada areas.

Please read on, contact us or download our brochure for more information.

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