Family Scuba Dive

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Anyone over the age of 8 years-old can make bubbles with a certified PADI instructor.

Laguna de Apoyo is a wonderful place to check out if views of the crater lake, local shoreline restaurants and cooling off sounds attractive.

You can swim, paddleboard, kayak, sunbathe and even scubadive the lake.

Laguna de Apoyo definitely made for a unique place to experience diving for the first time on this family’s day trip off the farm.

This was part of our tour which ended at the Masaya Volcano after sunset… dinner was waiting at home with time for a night swim.

Embodied in Nature

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The natural experience of Finca Las Nubes is part of the deal.

Each house is surrounded by natural forest with creeks and waterfalls and the animals and birds still use every tree on the farm.

One minute a child is leaping into the pool off of the rock landscape at Casa Buenavida and the next he’s photographing howler monkeys.

We all lined up to shoot a monkey portrait with the setting sun lighting their faces.

… and then it was back to the infinity pool!

Go on a Sloth Walk

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We have a network of trails throughout the property where above are howler monkeys, sloths and birds that live in the forest canopy – we always recommend getting around the farm, either on foot or on horseback – it’s a great way to get oriented, see volcanoes, views of Costa Rica and encounter monkeys or a sloth.

Here’s a fifteen minute stroll from the pool at Casa Buenavida the last week of March.

A two-toed tree sloth, the most commonly seen, are yellow in color like this one and when we see one, it’s likely to be around the same tree for a couple of days, although I went back to see this one the next day and it was gone.

The hiking trails give way to several seasonal waterfalls on the property with dramatic views. Before making it back to the driveway you probably will meet the farm dog, “Buster”, who escorts you home.

This happened while the parents were poolside at Casa Buenavida getting a couple’s massage as part of their vacation package.

See and Active Volcano

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Check out an active volcano and see glowing lava churning in a caldera.

Volcan Masaya is Nicaragua’s first and biggest national park with several interesting options… the most of which of course is the active crater.

Standing on the edge of the crater you can hear the earth boiling deep in the glowing crater with the city of Masaya in the distance.

The lava viewpoint is tightly controlled and the time allowed is limited due to the gasses being emitted from the volcanic activity.

This trip is recommended as the closing act of a day trip from the farm. We suggest a dusk lava tour after a day trip to Granada, Masaya or Mombacho.

Nesting Sea Turtles

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A short drive from the farm is Playa La Flor sea turtle reserve where Olive Ridley turtles come to nest. Several times a year the beach is inundated with hundreds of turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. The opportunity to watch sea turtles nest can be from June to March. The season is broad and the moon plays a big role in the timing of these events.

Playa La Flor is a turtle reserve and government-backed conservation project with park rangers who secure and manage the site.

We went on a night trip with two families to see turtles nesting. A short wait on the beach resulted in some star photography opportunities. A park ranger came over to our group to let us know that a turtle came ashore and is beginning to dig her nest, after being briefed on how to approach her, our families walked along the beach to find our first nesting turtle.

Two months after nesting the eggs hatch and yolk-powered baby turtles make for the Pacific Ocean shore which is another opportunity to put sea turtles in your Nicaragua family adventure.