Farm Freshness

Posted by: Web Master

Part of the Finca Las Nubes adventure are organic products produced right here, by you… if you wanted to learn about sustainable farm living that is. All of our organic methods are here to learn, from livestock to bananas.

Sunrise is when you start the farm-to-table milk process at the coral by grabbing an utter and getting to it.

We make cheese, bake and use organic milk in our morning coffee after it’s pasteurized on the stove by our local staff. These are the kind of things that people did before buying everything from a store and just one of the sustainable lifestyle chores we practice at the farm to keep our skills sharp.

Our guests are invited to participate in any aspect of our farm – you can collect your own milk and eggs, make organic honey, make charcoal for producing fertilizer, plant trees, pick fruits and vegetables… or just hang out by the pool and enjoy organic farm fresh products all week.