Organic Honey

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Our own organic honey is served on the farm and is available for purchase at our store, Nica Organica.

Bees are important pollinators on the farm and our two kinds make delicious honey.

There’s an extra bee suit around for anyone who is curious or serious about learning how to keep bees and what it takes to produce your own organic honey. We maintain our hives during the daytime and harvest honey at night, when the bees are clam and least active.

The ready honeycombs are extracted, skinned and placed into a centrifuge that pours pure honey into a filter. We harvest between 7 and 10 gallons at a time and do this several times a year to maintain enough honey production for us, our guests and our store.

Honey Fact:
Did you know that organic honey can last thousands of years?

Archaeologists have uncovered tombs with ceramic jars of honey that was still in it’s original form, editable, and dated 5,500 years old. We don’t plan on keeping honey around for that long, but it is good to know.