Finca El Peten, a.k.a. “Finca Java”

Our other farm is a half-day drive from San Juan Del Sur high in the mountains of Jinotega where most of Nicaragua’s coffee is grown. The land in this region is very productive and everything grows. This farm provides a substantial amount organic produce and our coffee.

This project employs between 50 and 80 local people throughout the year depending on the season. We have the infrastructure to house 26 guests in modest accommodations with plans of building a hotel and luxury bungalows.

This farm is located on Lake Apanas which was declared “a wetlands of vital importance to humanity” by UNESCO.

Finca Java, S.A. was created to provide a vehicle for responsible development. We are creating opportunities that are socially, and ecologically responsible. We are committed to organic systems which protect the environment and our health – systems that support and protect the biosphere our grandchildren will depend on. We are committed to building a social infrastructure that will support increased productivity and cooperation.

Finca El Peten is one of the most beautiful places we know of. Located 80 miles north of Managua, the Capital of Nicaragua, the lake is at 900 meters / 3,000 feet elevation and the mountains around it rise up to 2,100 meters / 7,000 feet. It was created as an artificial lake to provide hydroelectric power to the area. The climate is wetter than much of Nicaragua, and stays green year-round. It is ideal for growing coffee.

This project was started as a socially conscious, environmentally friendly endeavor to further the changes we believe are necessary to preserve our planet. As such we make our farm available to all types of public and private groups as a venue to conduct seminars, meetings and events that promote the causes for which we have passion. Much of this is done gratis to support causes that we believe in.

Finca El Peten is a well-recognized center and model for education, forestry, organic agriculture, and social projects in Nicaragua. The farm is fully functioning, self-sufficient and organic. We produce everything on site – fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, grains and of course, coffee.

Forestry is a key part of our vision to preserve the environment. Coffee is an understory crop that grows in the shade of the forest and as such allows us the opportunity to provide employment to the local community while growing a forest. We utilize this land as a research facility to investigate and experiment with all types of plants such as ‘the miracle tree’ Moringa and microbial proliferation to restore the natural balance of the soil. You can observe all aspects of production first hand.

We offer family adventures and private group accommodations in our onsite hotel. We can accommodate groups up to 40. Our local staff provides cooking and guest services. We have horseback riding, kayaking, golf and other games – it is an ideal place for yoga retreats, bird watching, seminars and of course coffee tours.

Coffee harvest runs from November through February and you can observe and learn about picking, milling, drying and all aspects of organic coffee production. There are always opportunities to participate in our local ongoing social projects as well. Projects include the Nica Agua initiative (point of use water filters and hygiene education), the Nicaragua Community Health Connection (construction and operation of the local health clinic), environmental outreach in partnership with the local school system, youth development through sports, promotion of public art, and community asset development in general.

Currently we are supporting the expansion of an international NGO that will open an entrepreneurs school for the local community.