Nicaragua Travel

Family-Friendly Environment Guaranteed

At Finca Las Nubes, a family-friendly environment is guaranteed. We are not open to the public and only allow residents and our guests on the property. Our children and grandchildren are growing up here and our school has over 70 students, we ensure that everyone on the property are people that we want around our children, as well as yours. Our objective is to make sure that you have a great safe trip and don’t miss a thing.

“Natalie mentioned that moms love this place, well, she’s right…”

We make everything here on the farm including our food, furniture and energy.

“My daughter in law named our guide, Marcellino, our “Ambassador of Fun.”

We make everything here on the farm including our food, furniture and energy.

“But in all my travels, I have never encountered a better tour guide than Baldo.”

Our staff is our most important component and will be available to clean, make your beds, do your laundry and cook for you with a smile. They are truly the most humble and endearing people anywhere.

“A true chef, and probably one of the sweetest human beings on the planet.”

FLN is a real life working organic farm and forestry experience. Kids can touch all the animals. They can learn first hand how all things used to be done.

“The staff was so perfectly unobtrusive but attentive, I wanted to stay on forever.”

Activities for Everyone

We have thousands of hardwoods and fruit trees. Bananas, mango, avocado, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, pitaya, pineapple, cashew, guava to name a few and many you have never heard of. We have an aquaponics system where the kids can learn all about how the fish provide the nutrient to grow veggies hydroponically. We have a skatepark onsite where kids can skate. Families can go horseback riding, kids can be taught how to surf by the national champions, there is on shore and off shore fishing and diving, rappelling off the cliffs by the lighthouse over the bay and the “flying frog” zipline tour or you can go Volcano climbing and even ski down one on the ash.

“They did everything, and all I had to do was read and sleep….Heaven.”

Get Involved

We believe that “Service is love”. If you too believe that we can arrange service activities around schooling, sports or any other theme you wish to become involved with. We also have a clinic providing free service to the community right here at our gate.

“Our children want to live in Finca Las Nubes.”