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Nicaragua is an emerging destination scoring high marks for authenticity, adventure and safety. Travelers and families who want to an authentic Central American experience embodied in local culture and spirit without crowds, commercial tourism and spending pressure can get in while the getting is as good as it gets.

Nicaragua’s family-friendliness and endless travel adventure is still slightly overshadowed by a turbulent passed for those of us old enough to remember the Sandinistas and a civil war that ended a dictatorship in the 70’s – Nicaragua now is among the safest countries in Central America.

There’s a myriad of optimism about Nicaragua’s future on the destination stage, and the present tone is undiscovered, uncrowded and how it’s about to be the next big thing in Central America.

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Authenticity at it’s core

Some people believe that Nicaragua will be the next Costa Rica, however Nicaragua is trying to manage their tourism development with a model that puts people, culture and authenticity at the core of the traveler’s experience… and we hope that continues.

Nicaragua is a natural experience void of hotel chains and mass tourism that still offers everything from 5-star luxury to beach bungalow accommodations with more things to do than we can put on one website.

About 20% of the country is a protected reserve or national park which means you can explore volcanoes, rain forest, waterfalls, lakes, beaches, rock canyons and islands in a crowd of your own.

You can visit the oldest city in the America’s, watch sea turtles nest, visit hundreds of miles of laid back beaches with surf towns that attract wave chasers from all over the world, climb volcanoes and even ski down some, chase the setting sun at the beach on horseback, trek through cloud forests, visit indigenous villages, float down a 5 million year-old rock canyon, have an entire beach to yourself, taste local flavor at authentic restaurants, tour organic coffee plantations, sail to lake islands inhabited by friendly monkeys, drink wine on a sidewalk patio, shop at local markets, scuba dive a volcano crater lake… the list goes on and on.

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