Nicaragua Travel

FLN is located on 240 acres and your security is of the highest priority. Only our guests are allowed on the property. We have 24 hour security and gated entry. We live here with our kids and grand kids and there are no locks on our doors. We sleep with our doors open. We have never had any issues here on the farm with regard to the security of our guests.

“I was amazed at how safe the country was and how great Finca Las Nubes was.”

Regarding security and safety in Nicaragua, I think there is a great deal of misconception. There is a perpetual stigma that Nicaragua is at war, violence is rampant and thieves abound. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have traveled all parts of the world and Nicaragua continues to be the place that is the least affected by the modern gang wars, kidnappings, beatings, random violence and hatred that has spread world wide. Nicaragua’s neighbors, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico are all suffering a rash of these incidences. To give you an idea of the ambiance, most police have no guns, weapons or radios. They are friends of the populace reminiscent of an era bygone in the US. They don’t need police because they don’t have crime. Obviously there is petty theft and there always will be when we have such a vast chasm between rich and poor.

“I have been a lot of places, but never have I fallen this hard in love…”