San Juan Del Sur

This small town is the biggest tourist destination in Nicaragua known primarily for it’s laid back surfing and yoga culture, and recently arriving on lists of destinations that you want to visit.

San Juan has a mix of mellow locals and expats, with a free vibe that you can feel in the streets. The town is only 3 blocks square with about a mile of beach front bars, restaurants and palapas.

It has one of everything a small town needs – a bakery, farmer’s market, local bars, disco, sushi, thai food, good pizza, coffee and espresso, a brewery, cinema, boutiques, hostels, local tours, surf shops, taco stands as well as a couple of high-end eateries and real Italian gelato.

One of the best things about San Juan are the beaches. There’s one to suit any mood – choose from your own footprints, pumping breaks or rocking barefoot bars with a small crowd of sun-kissed beach goers.

It’s a pretty quiet town, however during peak tourist season (Dec-Jan), spring break as well as Catholic holidays, it can light up with fireworks and beach parties until late at night.

SJDS is a cliche Latin America pueblo mixed with a little gringo influence and surf culture. Particularly attractive to adventure seakers as part of the Central American tourist trail, San Juan brings in peaceful and curious travelers from all over the world.

The town itself can be seen in less than an hour, but the surrounding area is the draw. San Juan Del Sur is the corner stone to Nicaragua’s “Tourist Triangle” that is comprised of San Juan, Granada and Ometepe Island. Everyone that visits San Juan sees Granada, and anyone that makes it to Granada gets to San Juan – Ometepe is in between with a charming unique traditional atmosphere that sits at the base of two volcanoes rising out of a lake Nicaragua, which is the size of Puerto Rico.

San Juan is the perfect location to get the best of Nicaragua’s travel adventure offer.