Organic Farm

As an organic farm founded upon permaculture principles, we are dedicated to the concept that the microbiological health of the soil is of primary importance. It is not just about NPK. We understand that diversity is critical to an enduring system. Each tree species supports different fungi necessary to all organic life.

To this end we have planted thousands of trees of many varieties. Some for lumber, some for fruit, some for the native animal species that depend on them for their survival. It is truly amazing how much work it is to raise these trees to a height and maturity that will allow them to survive. The voraciously competitive weeds and vines want to bring them down. We believe that the forest attracts rain and thus will bring back water to creeks that once ran year round. The diverse forest is the easiest way we know to return the soil to a useful microbial state.

An organic farm must produce an enormous amount of organic matter and animal waste to feed the productive plants and trees. To this end we raise several different animals and much of the farm is devoted to producing organic matter to produce this fertilizer.

As we import nothing from outside the farm, we must produce and process all of the products necessary to do this. We make molasses from cane. We make charcoal from wood and extract minerals from rocks. We mix manures with wood shavings to make compost. We use worms to process crude materials into fine worm castings and then use these ingredients in our fertilizers.

These pages are designed to orient you to some of these projects: