As the soil is the basis for all life on the farm, we produce many tons of compost and organic fertilizer (Bocacci) every year on the farm from animal wastes and organic matter. All the sawdust from the wood shop, leaves, trimmings, kitchen scraps, chicken shit, goat shit, cow shit and other organics are used to create the fertilizer.

We use a mix of ingredients to produce the bocacci including microbial active soil, charcoal, yeast, molasses, grain hulls and minerals derived from rock dust. We are currently cultivating microbes to increase the soils microbiology.
This is critical to achieving a long term balance in the soil which makes nutrients available to plants

These fertilizers can be used in solid form applied at the base of plants and mixed into the soil as well as diluted into foliar sprays applied to the leaves. These are more commonly known as compost teas.