Forestry is the most important aspect of the farm. In addition to consuming carbon and producing oxygen, trees perform many other critical functions in Nature.

We have planted over 100,000 trees here in the property. Every year we collect seed from specimen trees and plant them in bags in the nursery. We plant an additional 10 to 20 thousand seedlings every year. We also provide seedlings to anyone wanting to plant trees.

Trees attract rain. They are the filter for the number one element on earth, water. Rain falls on the land, runs to the oceans and is evaporated up into clouds which then distribute it back to the land.

Each tree has associated with it several unique fungi which are an integral part of the microbiological makeup of earth. There function here is the primordial action of organic life on earth:

– Trees compost the soil. Their leaves and branches fall to the ground where the microbes turn them back to soil

– Trees conserve the soil. Their roots reach deep into the landscape and hold the soil against erosion.

– Trees preserve water. Their roots penetrate into the layers of earth and allow water to reach deep into the ground where it is preserved until needed in the dry season

– Trees provide shade. Without it the earth would bake under the sun

– Trees provide building materials. Wood is one of the best natural and renewable building materials available. It’s warm ambience and excellent insulation properties make it a valuable resource for structures, furniture, utensils, tools and many other items

– Trees provide food. Most trees produce fruit and flowers. They are the sustenance of all the animals that live in the forest. A major part of our diet is provided by fruit from trees.

We believe in trees!