the Finca Las Nubes Store

We have a store offering fresh organic products from the farm – fruit, eggs, honey, vegetables, coffee and Moringa products – our store is also a bakery with an assortment of fresh breads and pizza.

Finca Las Nubes Store, La Nica Organica San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

We welcome you to stop by and check it out, it is right in front of the Finca Las Nubes Clinic on the main road into San Juan del Sur.

Custom Furniture

Our furniture is carefully designed for comfort and functionality. As it is made from local hardwood, it is very heavy and should last for generations.

a Room furnished with sustainable hardwood furniture

Below are some photos of furniture, cabinetry, windows, doors and toys as examples. We can reproduce any design. So, should you see something you would like to have made, send us a photo or details and we can reproduce it for you – your imagination is the limit.

Sustainable hardwood products


Our larger dining tables double as regulation ping-pong tables.


Our unique three position adjustable back chairs and rockers provide comfort and versatility.

Beds & Couches

Our beautiful, comfortable and versatile single bed size couches are the perfect solution to accommodating your extra guests.


Popular Zen style open shelves.

Bars & Stools

Create your own bar from gorgeous slabs of indigenous hardwoods.





Cribs & Bassinets

Custom Doors & Windows

Casa Buena Onda

Our doors and windows are made from the most stable wood available to ensure decades of dependable use. Utilizing the highest quality sliding door hardware ensures incredible smooth gliding operation that will endure the environment and the test of time.

Handmade Toys

All of our durable toys, from the simple age old swing seat to the rocking horses, are hand-made with safe, natural wood and finishes. These are toys that will be handed down from generation to generation.

sustainable hardwood toys

Rocking Horses
sustainable hardwood toys

Frames and Spoons

Plants & Trees

We grow a large variety of hardwoods, fruit trees and ornamentals. From palms to bougainvillea in all colors, we can provide you with seedlings to large trees. plants. We have several hundred Foxtail palms (Wodyetia Bifurcata) that we brought from Hawaii about 7 years ago. These range in size from 2 meters to 6 meters and are the most desirable and beautiful palms available anywhere. They are self pruning and require no maintenance. They grow up to 40 feet.

Sustainable Hardwoods

Finca Las Nubes manufactures everything here on site in our shop from sustainable organic local hardwoods. Our carpenters are as family to us and their old world love for their art is apparent in the quality of their work.

In Nicaragua we have found that no one stocks wood, so there is no serviceable, cured material available with which to make furniture, doors and windows. We have planted over 100,000 trees here on the farm to assure a continual supply of quality hardwoods for this purpose. This is critical to producing quality products that will not warp, split and separate when you get them home.

All the wood we use has been dried for months or years, depending on the species. Because we stock our wood years in advance, we can get your order done quickly for you and guarantee its quality. Although you may see similarly beautiful furniture elsewhere, they are usually made with veneers or stained, lower quality wood. All of our products are hand-made from solid, cured hardwoods and are made to last generations. They are carefully designed for comfort and functionality. Form follows function. Our adjustable back chairs and rockers are a perfect example of this. Whether working, eating, reading or napping, if you sit in a chair all day it should be comfortable.